Blood Prison Shakedown


The Blood Prison Shakedown is a Halloween/Haunted Attraction conversation hosted by the Owner of the Blood Prison, Vic Amesquita. Guests include Halloween Haunted Attraction owners and actors; including special effect artists and makeup artists from various movies and haunted attractions across the United States. The Blood Prison Shakedown Studios is located within The Ohio State Reformatory, that Blood Prison calls its Halloween home. The Ohio State Reformatory, in Mansfield, Ohio, is the film site of the iconic film, The Shawshank Redemption.

Josh Kniseley & Kim Walsh of Spirit Light Productions

Pappy Arndt & Marilyn Gilliam with Nightmare Cleveland

Dakota Ward with 7 Gates Scream Park

Chuck Morrison & Stephanie Boyles with Portals of Fears

Chelsea Monheim “Chuckles The Clown”

OG Crew – Mike Weaver, Dawn Hoffman, Jen Burkey, & Zach Girdler

Anthony Phillips & Aaron Nicholas Crew Members

Ben Armstrong of Netherworld

Greg & Kathy Feketik of Tri-C Ghost Hunters & ParaPsyCon

OSR Program Director Ashleigh Ramey

Waylon Reavis of A Killer’s Confession & Blothar of GWAR at Inkcarceration 2023

Brian Warner of Evilusions

Dustin Drerup of Beastcraft

Makayla Shrader & James Gregory of All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town

OSR Executive Director Paul Smith & Associate Director Dan Smith

Emily Ollervides & Cameron Morrison of Phobia Haunted Trail

Nick & Jess Francis of Fear Columbus

Dave Shonk of Closed Casket Studios

Wardens Widow & Elite Guards

Elite Guards Zach & Ronnie

Blood Prison Podcast 1 Year Anniversary

Roger Miller

Gino Crognale

Blood Prison Zone Leaders

The Warden’s Widow

Brian Demski

Robert Kurtzman

The Making of the Warden’s Widow

John & Flo Gepperth

Maximus Bryant

Katie Lane

Ed Ewers of Trail of Nightmares

Jeff Hartz of Zombie Works

“Crazy” Bob Turner from The Haunted Hydro

Dan Jannsen

Scott “Tater” Lynd

Rick “Stitch” Thomas of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse

Abe Robinson of Blind 7 Photography

Brent Stooksbury from The Haunted Hoorah

David “House” Greathouse

Blood Prison Shakedown Trailer

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