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Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available on-site and how much does it cost?

On-site parking is included in the cost of your ticket. This allows you to get to the event quicker and not have to search for a parking spot.

Can we visit during the day?

We are open for day tours Thursday through Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

What if it rains?

Mother Nature cannot keep the monsters and creatures of the night away. Escape From Blood Prison will run rain or shine.

Is alcohol permitted or available?

Patrons are prohibited from bringing alcohol to the event. This is for the safety of not only you, but others at the event. Bringing alcohol and/or drugs on-site to the event will result in a report to the on-site police. If you appear intoxicated, you will be unable to enter the building. There are a number of nearby local bars that you can enjoy after you have saved the world by completing your Escape From Blood Prison.

Is there food?

Yes. There will be food vendors onsite at Blood Prison.

Is the event handicapped accessible?

While we would love everyone to experience The Escape From Blood Prison event, it isn’t possible due to the setup and layout of the building. There are multiple stairs, narrow hallways, and obstacles that make it difficult for anyone who is physically or visually impaired. In addition, the event may not be suitable for pregnant women, those with heart conditions, and other health concerns.

What’s the age limit for children?

Due to the subject nature and the overall experience, Escape From Blood Prison is only appropriate for ages 10 and up. The Ohio State Reformatory and its staff reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who appears younger than 10. Children who appear younger than 10 should be able to produce some proof of age, such as a photo ID, birth certificate, or school ID. It is best to bring proof of your child’s age, as we don’t want anyone to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. If you have children under the age of 10, we recommend not bringing them with you. Unfortunately, we do not have a safe place where they can wait for you as you go through the building. Keep children under 10 safe and don’t bring them to the event.

Is there a VIP Pass/Fast Pass?

Yes. We offer one option to enhance your experience as Escape From Blood Prison. We have an Ultra Lightning Pass. This option cuts wait time by more than half by allowing you to bypass the general admission line. It is great for those who can’t wait to experience our Blood Prison.

Do you sell out?

Yes! Blood Prison can sell out for the night. Buy your tickets in advance to make sure you secure your date and time.

How can I get tickets?

Every person who wishes to experience Escape From Blood Prison must purchase a ticket. Tickets are available for sale on our website. We also offer group ticket sales. Groups of 50 or more individuals can purchase group tickets by emailing us at for availability.

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